Choices Matter


We all make countless choices every day, and these choices shape all aspects of our lives. However, we frequently do not think clearly about our decisions.  Our increasingly complex, information-overloaded world influences our behavior in ways we often don’t recognize.

We can’t expect people to make good decisions if we don’t give them the tools to do so.  We generally learn how to make decisions only through trial and error, which can lead to unfortunate — and avoidable — outcomes.  The good news is while we may never be perfect decision makers, science has shown we all can significantly improve our decision making.  However, the concepts that are fundamental to improving rational thinking are rarely taught.

How I Decide takes a broad view of education; traditional academic skills are important, but we must put more focus on developing the skills relevant for a successful life today.  As David Brooks explained in The New York Times, teaching youth how to make decisions is integral in today’s choice-dominated world, especially for at-risk youth.  We work to develop our youth’s ability to think critically and rationally so they can improve their decision making in their personal lives.


How I Decide’s Impact

Magician Kid Ace, who credits good decision making for helping him overcome tough circumstances to pursue his career, explains why How I Decide’s work is so important.