About Us

                Our Vision: Improved decision making is the key to a better collective future.

                Our Mission: To equip youth with skills to be better decision makers throughout their lives.

Founded in 2014, How I Decide is an educational nonprofit 501(c)(3) based in Philadelphia. Our team is composed of academics, educators, and business professionals. We synthesize insights from disciplines ranging from mindful awareness to neuroscience to improve life outcomes for youth. Our resources and experience creating instructional content puts us in a unique position to energize a movement to make improving decision skills a core objective of the learning experience of every student.

Our Team

Our Board

Instrumental in our founding as you’d expect, our Board brings a wide range of experience and skills to How I Decide.

Annie Duke

Eric Brooks

Don Mahoney

Bob Adelson

Victoria Gray

Andrew Gilbert

Chris Rush


Sam Barnett

Callan Blount Fleming

Our Advisory Council

Coming from a wide range of backgrounds, our Advisory Council is instrumental in providing us with expertise in psychology, decision sciences, education methods, curriculum development, educational games, research and evaluation.

Jim Leckman

Michael Mauboussin

Barbara Mellers

David Samuelson

Phil Tetlock

Brian Portnoy

Our Staff

Our staff come from a wide range of disciplines such as education, non-profit management, and computer science.

Joe Sweeney

Executive Director

Ramin Mohajer

Director of Operations

Jillian Hardgrove

Educational Content Developer

Adriana Massara

Partnership and Training Manager

Dave Lenowitz

Research Director

Dan Donaldson

Art Director

Kevin Geary

Director of Communications & External Affairs

Our Collaborators