High School Explorer:

A Transition Program for Middle School Students

High School Explorer, a program that helps middle school students think effectively about their school selection process, is a helpful addition to Guidance and Advisory programs and any classes covering study skills and high school transitions. HabitWise is a critical addition to the curriculum for Health, Advisory, Guidance, and Character Education classes. The entire program is free-of-cost and available online.

Especially relevant for students in urban school districts, High School Explorer teaches higher-order thinking skills that help them structure their high school application process and make decisions about any other important milestones. The program’s resilience scenarios, communication skills activities, and decision-making graphic organizers prepare students to ask the right questions at high school open houses so they can choose the best schools for them.

Included in the High School Explorer Program

from How I Decide

Lesson topics include:

1. Be Open-Minded

2. Deal With Uncertainty

3. Be Resilient

4. Communicate

5. Pinpoint Your Preferences

6. Collect Information

7. Analyze Your Options

Each lesson includes:

Engaging class activities that encourage problem solving and collaboration

A brief extension activity that promotes metacognition about personal priorities

An optional prompt for a family conversation to improve communication about the high school application process

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