Grant Policy Guidelines

Grant Making Areas:

In addition to our internal efforts to develop programs for youth, The How I Decide Foundation may also make grants to other organizations. At this time our area of interest is limited to research and development of programs or products which show potential to inhibit cognitive biases in decision making, and in particular, temporal discounting.

Grant Applications:

The How I Decide Foundation has very limited resources and does not accept unsolicited grant proposals. In addition, as a matter of practice we will not reply to letters of inquiry unless they are highly aligned with our area of interest noted above. We recommend grantees who are invited to submit proposals make themselves aware of the following policies.

Direct Costs Policy:

We consider direct costs as those which are readily identifiable expenses specifically associated with a program or project. In ensuring that funds are being applied directly to their intended purpose, and provide maximum visibility, we strongly encourage applicants to include all costs which are only directly attributable to a program or project in their grant application.

Indirect Cost Policy:

The How I Decide Foundation recognizes that administrative, facilities and other similar costs exist, but are not easily allocated directly to a program or project due to their nature. It is not the goal of The Foundation to support the general operating needs of the organizations to which we make grants.

We acknowledge that the Federal Government has negotiated “facilities and administrative” rates with individual grantees (such as Universities), but we cannot commit to matching any negotiated or standardized rates. However, How I Decide Foundation may be willing to contribute to “indirect costs”, up to a maximum of 15% of agreed direct costs. Be aware that 15% is the maximum we will pay toward properly documented indirect costs, and that the size of grants and the size of grantee organizations will determine the actual rate we will be willing to pay. Indirect costs must be clearly stated in grant proposals, and the method for calculating such requested amounts must be described in detail.