GM Genius

GM Genius is the first digital learning platform and scholarship competition based on fantasy football. The program includes instructional videos about key decision-making and critical thinking concepts, and tests students’ abilities to apply these concepts in both fantasy football and their daily lives.

Over two seasons, GM Genius has seen exciting results, including over 10,000 registered students and over $50,000 in scholarships and other prizes awarded. 

GM Genius is available on web, iOS, and Android applications.


By the Numbers

registered students

dollars awarded in college scholarships and other prizes

states represented, in addition to 3 Canadian provinces


said that GM Genius improved how they make decisions


said that GM Genius improved how they think


reported improved prediction abilities


have already applied lessons to decisions outside of fantasy football


reported improved fantasy football skills


would recommend GM Genius to a friend

Student Testimonials

Some season one winners

“I like the ability to play fantasy football, learn, and get a chance at scholarships all at the same time. Three awesome things all come together at once.”

“I’ve already seen changes in not only my fantasy football choices but also my life choices.”

“The game has been an incredible addition to my weekly fantasy routine.”

GM Genius has also changed the way I view the world and make decisions. It hasn’t just changed my fantasy football strategy, it’s changed my life strategy.”

“Outside of fantasy football…I also made sure to make insightful, purposeful, meaningful decisions and fully articulate the reason for why I decide what I do.”

Awards & Press

  • 2017 Rookie of the Year Award Winner from Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA)
  • Finalists for 2017 FSTA Innovator of the Year and Humanitarian of the Year Awards
  • Articles in ESPN, RotoWire, and Football Outsiders
  • Appearances on several radio shows and podcasts