Catalyzing the Field

Since 2012, we’ve been creating, marketing and distributing our own programs,  improving youth mindful awareness, habit management, structured decision making, and making predictions under uncertainty.  Now, our mission is evolving.

How We’re Changing 

We want to accelerate the awareness of the need and facilitate the adoption of efforts to improve youth decision skills.  We are embarking on the role of field catalyst, focused on identifying, coordinating, and amplifying the efforts of others,  including academic researchers, educators, policy makers, funders, and influencers who are working to address this need.

What We Need To Do                                                                                                                     

We need to identify, support, and facilitate the translation of lessons learned from basic and applied research about decision making into effective learning experiences that become a core part of every school’s mission and every student’s experience.

What Would A Strong Field Look Like?* 

Collaboration among academic researches, educators, policy makers, instructional content and platform developers, thought leaders, and funders

-Standards of codified practices

-A knowledge base built on credible research

-Leadership and grassroots support that advances the field

-Sufficient funding and supportive policies

“The Strong Field Framework” (2009)